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Founded on September the 28th,1989 to release & distribute feature films on VHS cassettes to video rental shops in Iceland. Since then we have grown, but always true to “staying connected” to our core business of content licensing & delivery.

Products & Services

Content Rights

Filmflex represents the crossover between digital media from the earliest days of VHS distribution. Our core business is licensing rights for the following:
Formats: Feature film & TV Movies.
Platforms: Television, Film, Online, Mobile, IPTV, Hotels, Airlines, OTT ("Over The Top") & Connected TV´s & DVD.
Models: TV, Pay TV, and VOD: transactional (TVOD), subscription (SVOD), ad-supported (AVOD) and download to own (DTO/EST) & Catchup.

TV channels

We bring people the content they love.
As a distributor & agent of pay tv channels to Cable, IPTV & DTH operators in Iceland, our first representation came with representing THEMA in Paris, followed by Aljazeera News. Our portfolio of channels has increased with the acquisition of The Channel Factory, adding movie, erotic and music channels.

Skjár 1

Re-launching in 2018 on digital platforms.
A  well-known brand, first launched in October 1998 as a FTA channel on mmds, Skjar 1 soon became the nation’s favorite. Celebrating 20 years in 2018, Skjar 1 will return to digital via Android, IOS & PC. - www.s1.is

Video International

Video International has been active on the European DVD and on-demand markets from 2003, representing a classic catalog of 230 feature films & tv movies on a nonexclusive basis for EU platforms.


HORFÐU (WATCH) is our OTT channel platform to the public, representing all our TV channels. Launching in 2018.


Rent or buy or films through electronic media platforms
Filmflix lists all our feature films, tv movies, shows and series. This is the place where we make them available for rent or purchase via digital download. Coming in 2018. www.filmflix.is 

Stay Connect

Our “Stay Connect” concept is a project we are developing with EU content providers and our Nordic technical partner to bring tourists in the EU region the opportunity to bring their own devises to their hotel rooms and stay connected on their travels.


Our DVD range falls under this product description as we are constantly seeking new ways to bring our films to physical formats to be enjoyed by the public. Adding even conventional publishing of books with our first title to be released in 2018.

Filmflex - Rights has licensed a great number of classic films to be delivered to the public through multiple media formats. 

Some of our films include:

Driven by Innovation

Our In-flight entertainment division where great content reaches the travelling.


Self Service

Boost your ancillary revenues with help of our proven in-flight shop


Making Life Simple


Streaming movies or other inflight entertainment.

Onboard Sales

Accelerate Your Business and Sales Strategy

Moving Map

3D Interactive map


Our content management system works on any device

Fully Customizable

Flexibility by design – with each feature acting as an extension of your brand recognisable for your passengers.

The Filmflex international channels portfolio is constantly growing as we add more and more thematic channels. We bring people the content they want. Movies, news, music or lifestyle.

We represent IPTV, Cable & OTT rights to the residential and b2b
markets with a strong line-up of international channels.

Our local partner for residential IPTV in Iceland is Vodafone. 


Travel with Stay Connect throughout your stay and mirror your content to your room.



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